The estate

The Guyot family is one of the oldest families in Marsannay-la-Côte. Louis Guyot, a farmer and winegrower, was constantly surrounded with animals, and more specifically farm animals, including draft horses for vineyard work and harvest…
In 1951, his son Albert took over the family farm. The vines and fields were mainly located in Marsannay-la-Côte and the wine was primarily sold to wine merchants.
In 1962, Albert married Odile Guyard, the oldest daughter of a large family. Georges Guyard, Odile’s father, was a small land owner and nurseryman by trade. He decided to rent some vineyards, then bought the land to gradually expand his own estate. Because he wanted to spare his horses the commute between the two villages (7 km), he then chose to swap Gevrey-Chambertin Grands Crus (Lavaux Saint-Jacques) for some land in Marsannay-la-Côte!!!...
Since 1990, Olivier Guyot manages the estate on his own, with vineyards that go from Marsannay-la-Côte to Gevrey-Chambertin. Today the estate comprises of small plots spread on 15 hectares. The only grape varieties were Pinot Noir for the red wines and Chardonnay for the whites. Each plot is unique by the composition of the soil, its depth, altitude and sun exposure. That is where lies the richness and typicality of the Burgundian terroir.

Today, Domaine Guyot is 15 hectares of 45-year-old vines on average, spread from Marsannay to Vougeot, on 14 different appellations.

Olivier Guyot

Born in 1963 in a family of winemakers, Olivier Guyot graduates from the Lycée de Beaune with a Winemaking bachelor’s degree. To his parents’ despair, his young years were more about motocross than wine. It is not until several years later, at 22, that he decides to settle down, after being severely injured in a competition in 1985, forcing him to rule out a potential sports career.
His grandfather then tells him: “Ok little fellow, you’ve had your fun… Now it’s time for you to come and work with me!”. It is from his grandfather that Olivier got his passion for winegrowing.
He teaches Olivier grafting and draft horse plowing. He also passes on his desire to work the vineyards with respect for nature.
When his grandfather dies in 1987, Olivier Guyot takes over the 4-hectare estate (none of the 7 children were willing to take the plunge!).
In 1989, Olivier Guyot partners up with his father, who was running a 6-hectare estate. For 3 to 4 years, he mostly works in the vineyards, to then take more responsibilities in the cellar and start making his own wines…
Remembering his grandfather’s words (“you can’t make good wine without good grapes”), he transforms the winegrowing philosophy (giving up herbicides, de-budding, leaf thinning, green harvest), and prefers to spend most of his time working in the vineyard instead of the cellar.
This is made possible with the precious help of Réjane, Olivier’s wife and partner, who manages the sales and administrative duties with great efficiency.
David, one of Réjane and Olivier’s two sons joined his father after graduating from high school with a Winemaking bachelor’s degree…