Our Know-how

Olivier Guyot uses the natural richness of this soil to enhance the specificity of each wine. To make a great wine, you have to grow the highest quality of grapes. Since 1998, Olivier farms his vineyards in respect of sustainability principles, letting the natural immune system of the soil and the plants do its job, minimizing the use of chemicals to extreme situations.
To foster soil activity, he prefers plowing to chemical weeding. As a consequence, the bacterial life in these vines is a lot more active and pushes earlier ripeness. He strips the leaves off the vines, to help grapes ripen, depending on the climate (In 2003, he decided not to strip the vines in order to protect them from the heat). He controls yields by de-budding systematically. All fruit is picked by hand on the Guyot vineyards, with a first sorting by the pickers, followed by a second sorting in the cellar, in order to select the best fruit. Then comes vinification, done in respect of tradition.
Maintaining the natural balance of the vineyard and respecting the diversity of the soil is Olivier Guyot’s philosophy.